Whether you are trying to pass with a 3 or make a perfect 5, you will need to practice solving problems the right way.

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“It’s like practicing problems with your own personal AP Physics Teacher. This is why I use Expert TA as the main homework system for my AP Physics Class.”
Kevin McChesney, AP Physics Instructor – @TigerPhysics

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Practice Solving Problems the Right Way

Whether you are trying to pass with a 3 or make a perfect 5, you will need to practice solving problems the right way. Don’t make the mistake of going into the AP® Physics Exam unprepared. The College Board® reported that more than 60% of students taking the Physics I exam in May 2015 did not make a score high enough to receive college credit (3 or higher), and indicated that the number one reason was lack of sufficient preparation for the Free Response questions. Students have not gotten enough practice with solving problems symbolically.

Expert TA has become a trusted platform for online physics homework and tutorials at both the college and high school levels. We offer an abundance of multi-step questions which give students practice solving problems symbolically. Students get access to hints and receive detailed, and specific feedback when they make errors.

OpenStax, a not-for-profit organization, has developed a textbook specifically for AP® Physics which can be accessed for free. Expert TA has partnered with them, and integrated every problem in their textbook into our online study guide.

Working with variables, rather than just numbers, is challenging for many students and requires practice. Expert TA is designed to give students the practice they need.


Teachers and tutors are not always available to provide guidance and feedback. Traditional study booklets that only provide static material and are not able to address specific misconceptions of individual students. Expert TA does just that– click here to learn how.
Why Expert TA?
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A lot of AP® Physics teachers are using Expert TA for online homework in their class. Some of those instructors also use the OpenStax Physics textbook that is designed for the AP® curriculum. Learn more about how the OpenStax AP® Physics text coupled with the Expert TA online homework system can help your students prepare for the AP® Exam.

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Watch the following video about Expert TA’s big data platform and check out the steps that we go through in order to make our feedback as detailed a specific as possible.

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“Expert TA is a great way to get a high quality problem set in front of the students and get their work graded almost instantly. I replaced the time I spent on grading with time talking with students. Research shows that the number one thing that most helps students succeed in college is personal interaction between the instructor and students.”
Chris Duston, Ph.D., Visiting Scholar at Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY
“Expert TA is doing things technologically in a different way. Their rapid ability to adapt to the needs of students and professors has been for me a real selling point.”
Simon Capstick, Professor, Department of Physics, Florida State University