True Partial Credit Grading

Our powerful math engine analyzes students’ equations to find the exact errors each student made. (Examples: trigonometry, sign, confused variables, switched forces, etc.). Expert TA is the only system that does this. Find out more about partial credit grading >

Mathematical Equivalents

Our algorithms recognize any mathematical equivalent and interpret what students intend regardless of the form. An extra parenthesis or non-simplified answers won’t cause a problem with Expert TA. Find out more about symbolic questions >

Instructor Control

Instructors determine every aspect of the assignment from choosing the problems to allowing hints and feedback, to setting up deductions and the number of attempts. Find out more about assignment options >

Automatic Real-time Grade Reports

Expert TA automatically provides detailed individual and aggregated student results. Students receive their completed assignments back immediately after the due date and can see every bit of their work, including their errors and points deducted. Instructors can choose whether or not to deduct points assignment by assignment. Find out more about grade reports >