Our Physics Video Analysis Collection

Physics Video Analysis is a collection of 16 activities that can be assigned in Expert TA. The collection of video-based graphical analysis questions focus on concepts taught at the introductory undergraduate level but are also useful for high school physics and AP physics. The Videos were analyzed using Logger Pro and each activity has the video shot, tracked motion images, graphs of relevant quantities and physics concept questions that rely primarily on getting information from the graphs.

All of the activities are based on analyzing real world data. The majority of the questions in each activity are based on interpreting graphs and many involve estimation. In developing these, a very important goal was to address many of the common misconceptions that are held by students. These can be used as a supplement to laboratory experiences, replacement for lab experiences and/or included in homework assignments. The 16 problems fall in the general categories of 1D kinematics, 2D motion, Newtons Laws, Work and Kinetic Energy, Momentum, Collisions, Rotation of Rigid Bodies and Periodic Motion.

The Cost is free for instructors and is $12.50 per semester for students when purchased as a stand-alone product at the college level. When the video analysis product is combined with the Expert TA Online Homework system the cost for students is only $40 per semester. Our high school pricing is $3 per student per academic year.

About the Author

Dr Cindy Schwarz is a Professor of Physics at Vassar College, where she has been teaching since completing her Ph.D in particle Physics at Yale University. For over 35 years, Schwarz has been an innovator in interactive pedagogies and an author of multiple books and materials that have made an impact on physics education at the undergraduate as well as elementary and high school levels. The first edition of her book A Tour of the Subatomic Zoo won the American Library Association Outstanding Academic Book Award and a third edition was published in 2017 as part of the IOP Concise Physics series. Dr. Schwarz received the AAPT David Halliday and Robert Resnick Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Physics Teaching in 2017. She is recognized in her department and in the physics teaching community as an expert in developing innovative/interactive curricula both for physics students and the general public. Dr. Andrew Fraknoi