Editable eBooks with OpenStax

As a proud partner of OpenStax we aim to enhance their materials and offerings by providing technology solutions that they may not have themselves. We are happy to help the adopters of the OpenStax textbooks by now providing an eBook editor and corresponding eReader.

  • Our Editor: Instructors can edit the book and publish their custom edition via eReader. Simple to reorder or rewrite, or you can do advanced things like embed videos or simulations.
  • Update Anytime: When distributed via the online eReader, you custom text is a living document. Push out updates throughout the semester.
  • Make the Content Engaging: Depending on your subject, including links to news articles or videos of current events related to the topic can make the content more relevant and relatable.
  • Free Offer – Fall 2023: User the editor and distribute via our eReader for Fall, or export your custom edition as a PDF so that you have full freedom over how you distribute it. Read below to learn more.

The Challenge

In order to meet the needs of their students, many instructors desire to customize the textbooks in order to: insert links to current events, embed videos or simulations, alter the wording, change or add images, add or remove material, etc. Currently there is no way directly via OpenStax for instructors to edit the texts in an eReader format. If instructors choose to edit a document version of the book they will not receive content updates from OpenStax for the book.

Our Solution

Instructors will be able to rearrange, rewrite, change/add images, add new sections/chapters, or easily do more advanced things like embed videos or PheT simulations. Your edited version of the textbook will be distributed through an eReader and available to students from the main class management page in Expert TA, or you can simply provide them the URL via your syllabus or as a link in your LMS system.

The Power of the Community

As instructors use our tool to edit the books; Expert TA is able to roll the best of those edits back into our main editions of the texts and greatly improve them in the process. 


Our Offer

Free Offer for Fall 2023

  • Use our intuitive editor, make any customizations/changes you like, and simply provide your students the unique URL to your custom version of the book in Expert TA’s eReader.
  • You can also export your custom version as a PDF, so that you have full freedom in how you distribute it.

Spring 2024

  • At a cost of $5 per student,
    • instructors can push edits at any time throughout the semester
    • instructors can continue to deliver their custom text via our hosted eReader to ensure you students have the most up to date version. When distributed via the online eReader, you custom text is a living document.
  • If you prefer to continue with a free option for you students, as an instructor you can still make changes via our editor and simply export as a PDF and provide to your students.

Advanced Version (Coming Soon)

  • $15 per student per Semester
  • Advanced Highlighting features
    • Ability for instructor to message directly through eBook via highlights and comments.
    • At instructor’s discretion, students can be allowed to share their eBook highlights and comments with the instructor or class
  • Collaborative Authoring and Version Control: Multiple faculty can coordinate and edit a custom version together, with version control.

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If you are interested in learning more about this, use the form provided at the top of this page to contact us.