Evolving Physics Education.

Expert TA is an online homework and tutorial system for introductory physics. We believe that students learn physics best by solving problems. Everything we do is based on that.

Our mission is to provide physics instructors and students exactly the tools they need to make the entire problem solving process the best learning experience it can possibly be. Rather than sticking to right versus wrong answers, generic hints, or tired old problems, Expert TA steps up and out.

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Seeing is Believing.
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“Expert TA is a great way to get a high quality problem set in front of the students and get their work graded almost instantly. I replaced the time I spent on grading with time talking with students. Research shows that the number one thing that most helps students succeed in college is personal interaction between the instructor and students.”
Chris Duston, Ph.D., Visiting Scholar at Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY
“Expert TA is doing things technologically in a different way. Their rapid ability to adapt to the needs of students and professors has been for me a real selling point.”
Simon Capstick, Professor, Department of Physics, Florida State University