Expert TA gives physics instructors more time to teach.

The Expert TA system is designed by and for physics educators to be easy to use and intuitive. Instructors can receive an introduction in the morning and start creating assignments that afternoon.

Expert TA doesn’t stop there. We listen to our customers’ wants and needs and respond quickly.

No big box solution here.

Instructors save hours and improve the entire grading experience with the human-like capabilities that instructors and TAs want.

Find out about true partial credit grading, mathematical equivalents, instructor control, and automatic, real-time grading reports that can make teaching easier and better.Instructor Benefits
We’ll provide a detailed report showing the most accessed feedback, the problems with the most incorrect answers, the percentage of time each student accessed available feedback, and more.Let's Talk Analytics
Walk through our interactive demo area to explore some of the features and benefits of Expert TA. Then, contact us to see a more in-depth, custom demo and get trial access to test it out for yourself.View Video Demo
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