Expert TA is all about improving students’ opportunity to learn.

Physics is important. It’s the foundation of the world in which we live. Learning physics teaches the problem solving abilities that every person needs, whether your goal is to become an engineer, a businessperson, a teacher, or something else.

Is learning physics easy? Not for most of us. But can it be challenging and fun? Can it cause you to think about the physical world in new and interesting ways? Can it teach you problem solving skills that will help you be more successful in whatever you do?

You bet.

Expert TA wants your experience with learning physics to be the best it can be. We want to give you specific help, tailored to the way you like to learn and aimed at the concepts and areas of physics that are the most challenging for you.

Expert TA can help change your physics experience from routine and frustrating to eye-opening and empowering. Check out our demo. Then encourage your instructor to give us a try.

Our unique, multi-step problems are written and individually vetted by a talented team of PhD physics educators. Our problems match the chapters and sections of several of the most commonly used physics texts. Learn About Authors

Helpful Hints

Expert TA structures hints based on a detailed analysis of the areas of study where students typically become confused. You can choose to access the hints or you can try and solve a problem without.

Real-Time Feedback

When you submit an answer that is wrong, you can access real-time, detailed feedback that identifies specific errors, explains what you did wrong, and reinforces the concepts taught in class.
Why Expert TA

A student-friendly interface, helpful hints, partial grading and more - that's why you and your instructors should use Expert TA.

Why Expert TA