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Expert TA is an online homework system equipped with a full suite of class management tools. Expert TA’s Introductory Physics resource is an independent and comprehensive library of questions designed to work with any text.

Expert TA has expanded its offering to provide a complete teaching solution for textbooks published by OpenStax. Each package provides access to the full eText, and an online homework platform containing end-of-chapter questions from the text as well as access to the supplemental “instructor test-bank” questions.

Question Authoring

Expert TA provides a powerful authoring tool to instructors and our broad range of question types allows for support of almost any subject. We have extensive libraries of questions that can be leveraged in Introductory Physics, Astronomy, Biology, and American Government and we are developing a number of new subjects currently. Instructors can easily create new original questions or copy any question from one of the main Expert TA libraries and modified as needed.

The Benefits of Textbook Independence

Expert TA’s textbook independent libraries provide instructors with flexibility from semester to semester that allows them the opportunity to change textbooks without having to switch their homework platform. Each library has been developed by a team of authors who both author original questions as well as supplement with enhanced versions of questions from OpenStax.

Our Collections

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Featured Titles for Introductory Physics

Expert TA provides a robust online homework tool for all introductory physics courses. The library contains over 6000 problems designed to reinforce the problem-solving process. This includes conceptual, both algebra and calculus-based questions.

Expert TA has designed our online homework platform to contain an appropriate combination of traditional and interactive questions. Our content team is regularly developing new contact across all of our supported subjects. This includes a balanced array of test bank-style problems, while also generating new questions based on instructors’ specific needs. When a new problem is added to the library, all of the other instructor users within that subject benefit.

Many instructors also take advantage of these additional resources we have for Introductory Physics.


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The Force Concept Inventory (FCI) is $5 per student per semester when administered via the Expert TA system. Most instructors administer the FCI test at the beginning of the semester, and then again at the end of the semester. If you are an Instructor interested in using this resource, complete the following form and someone from Expert TA will be in touch with you. Note: Access to this resource will only be granted to those who can be verified as currently teaching physics.

Expert TA Cover
Lecture Replacements and Supplemental Videos for Physics I and II.
OpenStax Biology TextbookA collection of 16 activities that can be assigned in Expert TA. OpenStax Anatomy and Physiology Textbook A test measuring mastery of concepts commonly taught in a first semester of physics OpenStax Psychology TextbookNEXUS/Physics is an Introductory Physics for Life Sciences (IPLS) collection.

Enhanced OpenStax

Note: A surprising number of instructors use a textbook from a traditional publisher, but use the enhanced OpenStax online question collections via Expert TA for their homework, quizzes and exams.

For these titles we have more than doubled the number of total questions available to assign. We also enhance each question as it is coded into our system by adding hints, feedback, and doing a full review and language polish. We also convert most of these questions into multi-step “scaffolded” questions and take full advantage of all of our engaging questions types.

OpenStax College Physics Textbook OpenStax University Physics Textbook Vol 1 OpenStax University Physics Textbook Vol 2 OpenStax University Physics Textbook Vol 3
OpenStax Astronomy Textbook OpenStax Biology Textbook OpenStax Chemistry Textbook OpenStax American Government Textbook

Other OpenStax Titles

The following titles are supported with all end-of-chapter questions from the textbook. Our question authoring platform allows instructors to copy and edit any of these questions to add hints, add feedback, or modify in an other way that is needed. The instructor-authoring capabilities in Expert TA allow for questions to easily be added to supplement what is offered from the textbook.
OpenStax A&P Textbook OpenStax Concepts of Biology Textbook OpenStax U.s. History Textbook OpenStax Psychology Textbook