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Expert TA is an online homework system equipped with a full suite of class management tools. Expert TA’s Introductory Physics with Modern Physics is an independent and comprehensive library of questions designed to work with any text.

Expert TA has expanded its offering to provide a complete teaching solution for textbooks published by OpenStax. Each package provides access to the full eText, and an online homework platform containing every end-of-chapter problem from the text as well as access to the supplemental “instructor test-bank” questions. Each problem includes a link to the part of the book specific to that topic, so that students can easily access relevant material as they are working an assignment.

Expert TA Cover OpenStax Psychology Textbook OpenStax Biology Textbook OpenStax Anatomy and Physiology Textbook
OpenStax Psychology Textbook OpenStax Concepts of Biology Textbook OpenStax U.S. History Textbook Investigating Astronomy
OpenStax Sociology Textbook