The Expert TA Timeline


  • While teaching lecture sections of Engineering Statics and Dynamics and working on his PhD at North Carolina State University, Expert TA founder Jeremy Morton has an idea for a human-like grading and tutoring technology.
  • Professor Morton, a participant in the department’s textbook selection committee, investigates online homework systems as a supplement to teaching assistants (TAs).
  • None of the systems are as effective as hiring TAs, who provide effective feedback and give partial credit while grading.


  • With PhD committee approval, Expert TA becomes the focus of Professor Morton’s PhD research.
  • Proof-of-concept and prototypes are created.


  • The online homework platform is further developed and tested.
  • The math engine that still serves as Expert TA’s core is developed.


  • Professor Morton publishes his PhD dissertation, which frames the technology for Expert TA.
  • Dr. Morton takes a faculty position in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Oklahoma State University.
  • Expert TA remains the focus of Dr. Morton’s research.


  • Market research and product refinement continue with feedback from instructors.
  • Expert TA presents at the Oklahoma Venture Forum – the largest collection of high network investors in Oklahoma.


  • Commercialization begins; Expert TA incorporates as an LLC.
  • Expert TA receives the Technology Business Finance Program Award.
  • The first outside investors invest in Expert TA.


  • The company hires its first employees and completes beta product.
  • Expert TA forms partnerships with early adopters.
  • College level instructors work with Expert TA to both author problems and collaborate on system design.


  • Expert TA experiences its first big growth period. Oklahoma State University, Missouri University of Science and Technology and others test the system in large classes with more than 300 students. Every semester since, Expert TA has added users and continued to grow and transform online grading and tutorials.


  • The Expert TA independent library of problems expands with expertly written and vetted content created by leading physics professors.
  • The firm becomes a sustaining member of the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT).
  • Expert TA grades its 1 millionth question.
  • An exciting new feature, Customizable Assignments, allows instructors tremendous flexibility in determining how students experience an assignment including the number of attempts and access to hints and feedback.
  • The company announces a partnership with OpenStax to enhance STEM education in the United States.


  • Expert TA announces “one for one” program to donate access to one high school classroom in need for one full academic year for every college classroom that subscribes.


  • Expert TA attends and delivers a commercial workshop at their 6th consecutive AAPT national conference.
  • Feature enhancements continue with the announcement of the new Analytics Reports.