No bundles. No add-ons. Pricing that is simple and fair.

We make things simple at Expert TA. No complicated bundles and no complicated packages or versions. It’s one fair price for everything we offer. There is no charge to instructors. Our goal is to get students through all their introductory physics courses for no more than $65, whether they need two semesters to do it or more.

  • High Schools
  • $15/year/student
  • Universities and Colleges
  • $3250/semester/student

PLUS Each university-level student who purchases two semesters ($65 total) gains two additional years of access.

Trimesters? No problem.
Need to retake Physics II? No problem.
Want to review your past work while taking a more advanced course? No problem.

If you have questions about pricing or wish to talk to a representative, contact us:

Ways to Buy

We provide instructors who sign up for Expert TA a class code and registration link for their students.

Students link to us online and enter the class code and their basic user information. Then they are prompted for payment.

  • Online w/credit card – Students are directed to a third party, authorized vendor to supply their credit card information.
  • Bookstore – Some instructors need to make a certain number of access codes available for purchase in the bookstore. If this is the case, just let us know how many and we work directly with the bookstore to provide them cards with unique access codes. Students purchase the cards through the bookstore and then select the appropriate option at checkout to input the access code on their purchased card.
  • Purchase Order – Many high schools choose to purchase student licenses through a purchase order. Expert TA will provide the number of unique access codes to the instructor, who gives the codes to individual students to register.

For more detailed information about the registration process, click here.

14-Day Free Trial

We understand sometimes students are unable to purchase Expert TA on the first day of class. We don’t want anyone to get behind or not be able to benefit from Expert TA from the start.

We offer students the option of a 14-day free trial until they are able to purchase the software. Any work done during the trial, including grades received, is saved and available after the license is purchased.

Buy One, Give One

Buy one Give One

Help us share physics with more students and their teachers.

We hear from teachers all the time that insufficient funds for equipment and supplies prevent their high schools from adopting online homework systems. Here’s the proof:

So, for every new college or university course that purchases Expert TA each fall, we will donate access to a high school class in need for one full year.

“Not everything that counts can be counted.”

~ Albert Einstein

Nominate your own school or a high school that is in need, by emailing Put “BOGO Nomination” in the subject line.

Please include the complete school name, instructor name, class name, class size, and contact information along with a little information about how the instructor and students would benefit from a year’s free usage of Expert TA.

Deadline to Apply is before each new school year: August 15.