Try the eBook Editor

Instructors already are using our platform to customize the OpenStax books. Here are some things to consider that can be done with our editor to both make the book work better for their class and also engage students in a more effective way.

  • Reorder Book Material: Not part of the interaction below, but instructors are able to easily reorder chapters and sections as needed.
  • Remove Material: Instructors don’t always cover every topic. Remove material as needed to keep students focused on what matters.
  • Embed Videos and Interactive Simulations: Easily embed engaging content.
  • Mathematical Content: Include and edit formulas and with an intuitive and user friendly Equation Editor. Use the graphical user interface version of the equation editor, or input LaTeX/MathML/Markdown.
Image 1
Image 1


Explore the live demo below to experience how our editor functions.

You can use the following buttons to populate the editor with material from one of a few OpenStax books.

Suggestion: Watch this and then try embedding this video, and this simulation.