LMS Integration

LTI Setup for Canvas LMS

These instructions are designed to help instructors and administrators configure single sign-on and grade sync linkages between the Canvas Learning Management System and Expert TA.

  1. In Expert TA, on an existing class, enable LMS integration by selecting “Edit Class” from the Class Menu, and clicking “Configure my Class for LMS Integration.”

  2. Select “Canvas” from the drop-down menu, and click “Proceed with Integration.”

  3. You will now see the LMS Integration Information displayed under the class details.

  4. In Canvas, navigate to the course with which you would like to pair. Then select “Settings,” “Apps,” and choose the “+ App” option.


  5. Name your App “Expert TA” and copy-and-paste the Consumer Key, Shared Secret, and Launch URL associated with your Expert TA class into the appropriate fields. The Domain should be “lti.theexpertta.com” and the Privacy will need to be set to “Public.” Submit your changes.

  6. Now that the LMS linkage has been established, you are ready to create assignments. Assignments must also be linked individually to Canvas.

  8. Create your assignment in Expert TA by choosing “Create Class Assignment” from the Class Menu. Give the assignment a name and description, adjust the dates accordingly, and add problems. Click “Save” and you will see an LMS Assignment link generated at the top of the page.

  9. Create a corresponding assignment in Canvas. Under “Submission Type” select “External Tool.” Paste the LMS Assignment link from Expert TA, and we highly recommend that you select the “Load This Tool In A New Tab” option for the best possible student user experience.

  10. Follow steps 7 and 8 for linking Expert TA with each subsequent assignment you create for your class.