Expert TA Problems are good problems to have.

Our Independent Library consists of both a textbook-independent collection of individually vetted, original problems written by our talented problem authors AND problems from OpenStax College’s free textbook, College Physics.

Independent Library

With the Independent Library, which  is full of unique, quality problems written by our talented problem authors, instructors have a wide range of appropriate problems  for their students from semester to semester. We are constantly adding problems to our Independent Library to give instructors even more choice. Independent Library >

OpenStax’s College Physics

With rising tuition and other costs, students need affordable textbooks now more than ever. That’s why we partnered with OpenStax College.

OpenStax textbooks are not only free online, but their content is of high quality. Paired with Expert TA, OpenStax’s College Physics is a powerful online resource, offering users an integrated textbook/problem option in addition to our Independent Library. Learn more at OpenStax College Physics >