Partial Credit Grading…as we knew it

When grading by hand, most instructors analyze the elements of the problem solving process, including symbolic expressions that are key to the solution. They care as much or more about the detailed work provided as about the final numeric answer.

True partial credit grading is being able to grade those symbolic expressions in a sophisticated way so that instructors can assess more than just “right and wrong” to help students truly understand their mistakes.

Expert TA is the only system that performs true partial credit grading—where a student’s answer is compared with the correct answer, all mistakes are accurately identified to the student, and appropriate deductions are made.

partial credit grading screenshot

In this example, the trigonometry error is identified and highlighted for the student. Meaningful feedback is provided, and a deduction and grade are given.

With true partial grading, instructors can give their students credit for what they did right and make deductions only for those parts the students did wrong–giving credit where credit is due.