Forget Statistics. Let’s Talk Analytics.

Expert TA collects detailed and individual data about how students and instructors interact with the system.

But, we don’t just collect it–we analyze and report meaningful information that helps instructors understand how students are learning and helps us improve the system.

We provide a detailed report that shows the most accessed feedback, the problems with the most incorrect answers, the percentage of time each student accessed available feedback, and more. Watch the video below for an overview of Expert TA Analytics including data from an actual class using our system.

Here is an example of overview data from an actual class using Expert TA.

Class Analytics
Total Assignments 16.0
Total Problems 228.0
Total problems involving symbolic 89.0
% of problems involving symbolic 39%
Submission Analytics Overall Symbolic
Total answers submitted and graded 64089 17715
Average attempts required to reach correct answer 1.74 2.09
% of time answer is correct on first attempt 63.9% 55.3%
Total number of incorrect submissions 32765 11289
% of time that students accessed feedback 62.8% 73.8%
% of time correct answer is eventually reached (regardless of whether feedback was accessed) 85.7% 80.1%
% of time correct answer is eventually reached (when feedback was accessed) 90.3% 82.7%

The data is organized in several different ways in Expert TA Analytics, including by student, by assignment and by most common feedback elements, as in the example below.

The instructor can see the percentage of the class that accessed the feedback, where the feedback occurred, and the exact feedback that was given to the students to help them get to the correct answer.

Feedback that occurs more than others shows the instructors that a large number of students are struggling with the concept that is in that problem part.

Top Feedback Example:

Number of times feedback occurs is indicated: Total = 70 (57.38 % of the class)
Location in Assignment, Problem and Part: C8 Part II, prob: 2, part: a
Feedback given to student: The grindstone is revolving in the positive direction. The ax is slowing it down. What sign should the acceleration have?

Expert TA also collects data across all users to identify areas where we can expand feedback for students. If the system was unable to give feedback on a certain error, answer, or problem, we analyze whether there it is possible to provide feedback and if so, add it to the system.

Feedback That Listens

The student feedback in Expert TA is different from anything else you’ve seen.

The content that most other systems call “feedback” is really a hint  generic statements about the problem or generalized information to help a student get started.

Expert TA has those hints, too.

But we believe that the real teaching power is in providing students with specific information in direct response to their incorrect answers.

That’s how we define feedback. Expert TA is the only system that has it. Feedback Examples >