Expert TA’s Free Body Diagram Drawing Package

The Value of Solving Problems the Right Way

While online homework makes grading more manageable, many instructors feel that it is a compromised version of hand-written homework. Yes, students should solve for final numeric results, but most instructors agree that they should also deal with key symbolic relationships, and draw Free Body Diagrams when necessary. Emphasizing the problem solving process and including symbolic expressions has always been central to Expert TA’s online homework system, and is backed by case studies showing measurable increases in student outcomes.


More Practice for Students

We have a fool-proof interface that allows students to easily enter symbolic answers, a robust math engine that recognizes all mathematical equivalents, and a data-mining approach that allows students to receive feedback specific to their mistakes.

Now, students can also complete Free Body Diagram drawings without the frustrations found in most online environments. Students do not need to worry about drawing vector magnitudes to match the correct answer down to the exact pixel.

With an intelligently built grading tolerance, and x/y-axes indicators providing real-time feedback regarding the sum of forces in the x and y directions, they can focus on the Physics and not let the drawing tool get in the way.

Advantages for Instructors

Not only are Free Body Diagrams automatically graded, but Expert TA does so with partial credit and feedback specific to mistakes within the drawings. This allows students to participate in guided practice, while completing a step that is critical to solving many physics problems. Through flexible Grade Preference settings, instructors are able to control how students will be graded for FBD questions.

We believe that learning online should be convenient without compromising the ultimate goal of homework, which is to provide students an opportunity to practice problems the right way in preparation for exams.

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