Class Sharing for Instructors

Expert TA increases instructor efficiency and makes it easier to collaborate, co-manage, or team teach.

Instructors are able to easily share access, assignments, grade preferences, and reports between classes.

Instructors can easily have the grade preferences of the creating instructor travel with the copied assignment or have the assignment absorb one of the grade preference templates of the class receiving the assignment.


Class Roster

Instructors can easily see important information about their students in the class roster. The ability to view or disable settings, check student status, or change key elements of information (such as student ID) is right at instructors’ finger tips. Instructors can check on whether students have registered and paid for the system here as well.


Account Management

Editing account information is simple and easy. Under “My Account”, both instructors and students can edit their profile, change their password, and register for a class. My Account lists all classes pertaining to the user. There is even the ability to quickly change sections should a student switch throughout the semester.