Automatic Real-time Grade Reports

Expert TA automatically provides detailed individual and aggregated student results. Students can see every bit of their work, including their errors and points deducted both during the assignment and after the due date.

Benefits of these reports include:

  • Updated real-time Both instructor and student can see details of student work. Reports are populated in real-time as students work on the assignment.
  • Serves as study guide  Students can see what they did wrong. They can use their assignments for later review while studying for a test or taking a more advanced class.
  • Informational  Instructors and teaching assistants can pull up a student’s work at any time. When students come in for help, instructors and TAs can look at the student’s work with the student in real-time.
  • Functional  Instructors can change grades or reset attempts directly on grade report.

Here is the beginning of an example grade report. Click on the image to view a PDF of the entire grade report.