While Expert TA maintains and continues to expand our Independent Library of problems, we also recognize that some instructors want the option of a matching text.

We will partner with select publishers and authors to provide this option. We are engaging with partners that provide quality products in a cost-effective way for students.

Expert TA’s very first partnership is with OpenStax. They believe in affordable education and so do we.

OpenStax and Expert TA team up to make physics education more affordable.

What’s wrong with most physics textbooks? They’re too expensive, that’s what. Now students have an alternative.

OpenStax, a nonprofit organization born out of Rice University, is committed to improving student access to quality learning materials.

Expert TA has a strategic partnership with OpenStax. Our top-of-the-line learning tools and Problem Library work seamlessly with OpenStax physics texts. Together, Expert TA and OpenStax make high-quality learning materials accessible to students (and their instructors) at a very affordable price.

OpenStax College Physics, an open-source, professional quality, introductory, algebra-based, two-semester physics book, is entirely free online and low-cost in print (currently about $50). OpenStax has passed more than 1 million web users and has placed textbooks in more than 200 institutions in the last year.

This online, fully editable and customizable text includes learning objectives, concept questions, links to labs and simulations, and ample practice opportunities through a subscription to Expert TA.

Expert TA enhances the problems that come in from OpenStax with feedback, hints, alternate answers, and all the functionality of Expert TA’s educational software including true partial credit grading, tutorial aids, and real-time assessment of student work.

“Open education resources like OpenStax provide both faculty and students the resources they need at very low or no cost. Our partnership with Expert TA fits into this strategy. They are committed to providing high quality online assessment and problems and to keep it affordable for integrating with OpenStax material.”
David Harris, Editor in Chief OpenStax

With more than 1.2 million online users and 81,000 downloads, OpenStax is used in over 170 colleges.

  • OpenStax invests more than $500,000 to develop each book, hiring the same content developers that major publishers hire.
  • Texts meet standard scope and sequence requirements and are customizable so you can have your content the way you want.
  • Rice University, publisher of OpenStax, is a recognized leader in open source and scholarly publishing.
Physics Instructors Really Can Lower Students’ Costs with OpenStax Texts
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Review College Physics online or order a complimentary print copy. Try out a free OpenStax class test package with trial access to Expert TA. Give us a call at 877-572-0734 or send an email to main@theexpertta.com. Tell your associates. OpenStax publishes free textbooks for five of the most attended subjects in American colleges and has six more texts in development. Expert TA can be used in algebra-based and calculus-based courses and instructors can easily share courses.
“The cost of college textbooks is cited as one of the top two reasons students drop out of college. With textbook prices rising at four times the rate of inflation, it’s easy to understand why.”
David Harris, Editor in Chief OpenStax
College Physics can be accessed online or downloaded in PDF or multiple mobile formats from https://openstax.org. To see a demonstration of Expert TA, call 877-572-0734 or email main@theexpertta.com

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If you are a publisher or textbook author and are interested in speaking with Expert TA about the possibility of a partnership, please contact us.