Academic Integrity

Expert TA uses four methods to help students maintain academic integrity.

  • Textbook Independent Library

Most homework systems have problems that are directly copied from textbooks. It is easy to catalog and find problems because students know the chapter, section, and problem number that is associated with a particular problem. All it usually takes is copying and pasting the initial sentence of these problems into a search engine for the answer to the problem to pop up.

Expert TA’s Independent Library consists of new, unique problems that are unavailable in textbooks; this inherently helps keep answers offline.

  •  Proprietary Web-crawler

Expert TA checks monthly for all of our problems online. When any problems are found, we get them removed quickly. Less than 15 percent of our problems have ever been found online.

  • Problem Masking

When students take an assignment in Expert TA, the problems are identified as Problems 1, 2, 3, 4, etc., rather than listing the chapter, section, and problem number. Without having a specific name for a particular problem, cataloging problems for online searching becomes much more difficult.

  • Randomized numbers

Expert TA makes sure that 100 percent of our problems that involve solving for a numeric have at least one randomized variable. This way no two students have the same givens, and therefore the same answers.